Friday, 27 January 2012

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Sometimes, i mother just needs to "brag" about her gorgeous children. Tonight is my Turn. I do not have the honor of taking pics of my little Lia very often. Only with bribery and the right mood will i get her to sit or stand still and actually look at the camera. BUT.....
I've discovered a bit of a hidden gem since her brother was born. Sneak him into the studio, take few pics of him and then call her to come help you.

Very soon she is it to the mood, because she does not want to be left out!

Cruel i know, but she will be thankful one day for all the beautiful pics her Mother got of her, beg borrow or steel!

Ruben is at the awesome studio age now, where you get his attention quickly and he smiles at everything!

These two little souls are Mommy's whole life!

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